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Kids Room Decore

kids room decore

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kids room decore - Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Skin Kit (fits most 42inch fans) - Kearas Hearts White - (Fan and fan blades NOT INCLUDED) by wallthat

Ceiling Fan Skin Kit (fits most 42inch fans) - Kearas Hearts White - (Fan and fan blades NOT INCLUDED) by wallthat

Installation Instructions: Required Tools: Sharp Utility Knife. Our ceiling fan skin sets are made so that one size fits most 42 inch ceiling fans. This means the skins are slightly larger then most blades and require trimming to fit your fan blades. PLEASE MEASURE your fan blades to assure the skins in this kit will completely cover your fan blades. Each skin in this set measures 18 inches long by 6.5 inches wide. Professional 5 year indoor/outdoor vinyl with AirFREE adhesive allowing easy application and no air bubbles. Printed with the latest UV protected inks to resist fading for up to 3 year in direct sunlight. Laminated to add a high gloss finish and added protection. Our ceiling fan blade skins look amazing, printed in high resolution for unbeatable color and razor sharp designs.

80% (16)

I Love My Boogy - Art Print

I Love My Boogy - Art Print

This is a 6” X 6” (15.3X15.3cm) print from my original acrylic (mixed media) painting, digitally processed and printed on superior quality DCP 250gr matte finish paper.Available at my Etsy shop. Thanks for looking :)



Wooden Flower Ornament/Toy in Kiki's room

kids room decore

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